Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vis-à-vis: a festival supporting green incentives

Joining us for Vis-à-Vis, you will have the opportunity to discover in beautiful Venice, two venues interested in supporting the "Green Revolution" and dealing with environmental issues.

The Electric Lodge is a laboratory for artists and environmentalists, a torch bearer in the effort to stimulate public understanding and support for the creation of a sustainable worldwide eco-system. Through our Arts Earth Partnership and other programs it becomes a nexus for a network of environmentally friendly cultural facilities, performing arts companies and individual artists in Los Angeles and across the country, uniquely manifesting our identity as the place where artistic and environmental ideas are presented and explored.

Other venue, same interests, The G2 Gallery believes in the union between environmental causes and the power of photographic art to change the world. It shares this passion with the world’s best photographers, who use their camera as a tool to inspire conservation. The gallery donates all proceeds from art sales to environmental causes.

Another reason to join us on May 15th...
Download the full program here

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